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Elite Travel is your best travel resource when researching, planning and booking your next trip!  Whether you are interested in corporate or leisure travel, groups or singles vacations, our experienced agents can help you find the right destination and vendor to meet your needs.

Our agent can meet with you personally to answer your questions, make recommendations, and be an advocate for you!  Online travel sites promise big deals but don't have resources for you to ask questions or call for more information.  Book your next trip with the experts and rest assured that your travel arrangements are in good hands!

Meet: Annette Schlichting

Hello, my name is Annette! I have been a Travel Agent for over 11 years. I, along with members of my family and friends, have been on many cruises and enjoy traveling.  With firsthand experience and extensive knowledge of cruising and traveling, I have all the right connections to talk to regarding your next ship-trip or Apple Vacation or any of your travel needs!  I work with all tour companies, hotels, and all cruise lines. In my free time, I live with my husband in Pearl City and enjoy spending time with my two children and my grandchildren.

Annette is a Cruise Specialist, Disney Specialist, AMResorts Master Agent, and Sandals Specialist.  I can be reached by cell phone (815) 291-4394 or by e-mail .

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Expert Guidance

Access the expertise of seasoned travel professionals dedicated to creating flawless experiences. From selecting the finest accommodations to arranging exclusive access to hidden gems, our team's extensive knowledge ensures a seamless and unforgettable trip.


Experience tailored luxury like never before. Elite Travel specializes in crafting personalized itineraries that cater to your unique preferences, ensuring every moment of your journey reflects your desires for opulence, comfort, and exclusivity.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy worry-free travels with Elite Travel. Our meticulous attention to detail and round-the-clock support mean you can immerse yourself in your journey, knowing that every aspect has been meticulously planned and perfected for your utmost satisfaction and comfort.

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